Reviews for Cody’s Crew – The Big Building

Reviews for Cody’s Crew
Parents Choice GOLD 50 Reviews for Codys Crew

“Sharp, sophisticated and filled with fun, this video will captivate and delight while it illustrates the importance of working together.” Full Review

Parents’ Choice, Gold Award

“My 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son LOVE this video – so well done. Entertaining with a little lesson they don’t even know they are getting. I wish there were more videos to buy – I would get them all! Thank you!”


“Dear Cody’s Crew, I am a mother of 2 boys, Kurtis (4) and Kole (2) and they both loved your video. They can both sing your theme song and they act out the video in the bathtub with the bubbles and also in the sand box with their construction toys. They have also started talking about working together, which is a big step for them. Thanks for the entertaining show.”

Karen from Sardis, B.C.

“Noah is 2 and won’t put his new Cody’s Crew video down! He asks for it all day. He’s always sure to pack in his backpack (along with his favourite teddy bear) whenever he’s visiting family. It’s definitely his favourite video.

When I saw the video for the first time I was amazed. The characters really come to life; the computer animation is fabulous! This is a terrific video for kids who love construction. Cody’s Crew is a winner.”

Murray Rubin

“I just want to let you know how much my 3 year old son (and my 7 year old daughter) love this video. The first time my son watched it, he made me re-wind it and watch it two more times. He has named all his construction vehicles after the “crew” vehicles and takes them with him whenever we go visiting.

I love to watch him play the “cooperation game” when he’s playing with his trucks, and I’m thrilled that there is a video out there for boys that doesn’t involve crashes, super heroes vs bad guys, or purple dinosaurs. Thanks so much for the quality product.”

Kim Campbell

“Our son now calls my husband’s excavators ‘Cody’… My husband and I recently purchased “The big building” for our 2.5yr old son. I must tell you how impressed we are. Our son constantly wants to watch it, and now knows the song off by heart. When the video is not playing, he is singing it. My husband owns his own construction company, and has all of the heavy equipment in the video except the cement truck. He is particularly impressed on the detail of the equipment. Our son now calls my husband’s excavators ‘Cody’. We hope to see more videos in the future. Keep up the good work!”

Kim Settle

“How do I begin to thank you and your crew for the positive encouragement all of you teach children. I purchased your video last week. Presently my son watches your video every opportunity he can. Your theme song is his anthem.

The video is very upbeat and colorful. There are so many educational experiences you can share with children. To teach children empathy, sympathy, fairness, kindness, awareness etc. is a special gift. I wish you and your crew tremendous success with your new adventures.

We would truly appreciate any new videos, games, toys or information on you and your crew. Thank you once again for such a positive, thoughtful product.“

Ilena Borinsky

“Look for Cody to garner a nomination for outstanding performance by a hydraulically powered actor in a leading role. It’s not fair to pigeonhole Cody’s Crew – The Big Building as just a guy thing, but it will certainly appeal to boys with an appetite for construction. The computer animation is the main appeal of this video – even the dirt looks real. The artists have managed to make stark steel machinery look friendly…”

June 2002 Today’s Parent Magazine

“For all those parents and kids who love Mighty Machines… Cody’s Crew has got all the great machinery and a plot to boot. This lovable animated excavator and his friends learn about working together. Kids will play the video over and over.”

December 2001 OTTAWALIFE Magazine

“Cody’s Crew is a movie with a clear message.”

January 2002 North Toronto Post City Magazine