Meet Cody’s Crew

Do you love construction? Wow, so do Cody and his crew! Meet Cody and his crew…

Cody 300×202 Meet Cody’s Crew

Cody the Giant Excavator

Cody’s the biggest guy in the crew and everyone’s pal. Cody’s favourite job is digging big long holes called trenches. He’s pretty shy for such a big guy, but he’s not afraid to speak up when he needs to. Cody loves a good joke.

Rachel 300×202 Meet Codys Crew

Rachel the Skidsteer

Rachel is the smallest member of the Crew, but that doesn’t stop her from taking on big jobs! Rachel is full of energy and can always be counted on to help out.

Wally 300×202 Meet Codys Crew

Wally the Wheel Loader

Wally the Wheel Loader is Mr. Safety, always on the lookout for dangerous situations. He’s a pretty big guy but he can move around pretty quickly. Sometimes Wally doesn’t think things through as much as he should, but he’s always interested if someone has an idea on how to do things better, faster, or safer.

Gus 300×202 Meet Codys Crew

Gus the Cement Truck

Gus just wants to do a good job, the problem is he’s not very organized – sometimes he doesn’t even know where he’s supposed to pour his cement! But, Gus just keeps rolling along. Gus gets along well with just about everyone.

Barry 300×202 Meet Codys Crew

Barry the Bulldozer

Barry the Bulldozer loves bulldozing so much, he could do it all day! He really doesn’t have much time for gabbing with the guys. Unfortunately Barry often bulldozes first and asks questions later. This can be a real problem when everyone is supposed to be working together. Sometimes it’s even dangerous…

Mitch 300×202 Meet Codys Crew

Mitch the Dump Truck

Nobody on a construction site works harder than Mitch. Day or night, if there’s work to be done, Mitch is your dump truck. Mitch likes working with just about everyone, although he doesn’t always get along with Barry the bulldozer.

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