Can Cody the Giant Excavator overcome his shyness and get everyone working together on the Big Building?

Find Out!

Join Cody and his Crew – Mitch the Dump Truck, Barry the Bulldozer, Rachel the Skidsteer, Gus the Cement Truck, and Wally the Wheel Loader, as they learn about planning and working together.

Brought to life through the magic of high quality computer animation, Cody’s Crew is a construction video that will entertain kids and adults!

Cody’s Crew was created by husband and wife team Malcolm Marcus and Lisa Wiseman, who are also concerned parents.

“This is the kind of entertainment we want for our own children: non-violent, fun, and with a positive message. We hope you and your family have as much fun watching it as we had making it.”

– Malcolm and Lisa

Cody’s Crew is THE construction video for kids and adults alike!

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“Noah is two and he won’t put his new Cody’s Crew video down!”

– Murray Rubin